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Welcome to Year 2!
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Year 2


Mrs Birch - Key Stage 1 Leader & Class Teacher

Miss Tattersall - Class Teacher

Mrs. Lloyd – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Skinner - Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Year 2!

We wish you a very warm welcome! We are friendly, motivated learners that treat each other with the respect we like to be treated with ourselves! We try hard in all our lessons: maths, English, science, computing, PE and topic. There's not much we don't throw ourselves into!

We have a packed year with loads to get through, we love a good challenge and aren’t afraid of making mistakes – after all, it’s all part of how we learn. For a better look at what we do, have a look at the curriculum topics below…

Curriculum Topics

Autumn 1 - Our topic is called ‘Beside the Seaside’. As the name suggests, it’s about what you would find and what it would be like to live in different places (especially by the coast). In English, we read and write about the Katie Morag, a young Scottish girl who lives beside the seaside in Scotland! We cover a broad range of writing from re-tells to character descriptions, introducing all the writing skills and techniques they’ll develop over the year.

Autumn 2 - In the run up to Christmas, our topic is called ‘Robot Rubbish!’. The book we learn about is ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. The children get to learn about the development of technology (from phones to iphones), then design and build their own robots made out of junk! We also get to tread the boards and roll out the red carpet for our famous Christmas Production!

Spring 1 - After Christmas, we learn a lot about animals and the environment. Our inspiration is from the book ‘The Lorax’ by Dr. Seuss. It’s here that we hone our planning and writing skills; building up to writing longer pieces of work over a few lessons. We learn about different habitats (from jungles to savannahs), animal classifications (mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish) and food webs!

Spring 2 - Building on our knowledge of animals and the environment, we focus on nocturnal animals for our topic ‘Opposites Attract’. The book we learn about is ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ and we learn a lot about other nocturnal animals along the way (bats, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs). It all builds up to the children writing their own non-fiction report about nocturnal animals, complete with contents, cover page and glossary! In topic, we learn about life cycles and animal habitats as well as hot and cold places in the world and how people live in these places.



Year 2

Summer 1 - Our summer kicks off with the run-up to the SATs tests (which happen at the end of this half term). Our topic is designed to revise all the things they’ll need for their maths and reading tests and is called ‘Magic and Movement’. Our book is ‘The Jolly Witch Trilogy’ by Dick King Smith, which is about a cheeky old witch called Mrs. Jolly. It gives the children lots of chances to apply their reading and writing skills, while in topic, we learn about history and then use our science and DT skills to design, build and test some model cars!

Summer 2 - During the second part of the summer term we enjoy lots of curriculum enrichment opportunities and activities where we can apply our skills and learning. We read historical texts about the Plague and enjoy poetry, both reading and learning to recite it off by heart.

Sports day takes place in the summer term and we enjoy getting ready for this during our PE lessons.

You may have noticed that there is no mention of maths in our curriculum topics! That is because over the course of the autumn, spring and summer terms, we cover all aspects of the National Curriculum, but in greater depth each successive term. Topics covered each term include: the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), fractions, measurement (length, weight and capacity), and time, shape (2D and 3D),


We give homework out for maths and English once a week on Wednesdays. Each piece is designed to consolidate the children’s learning from that week, or to give them the chance to independently apply a skill they’ve been developing. It’s also cross-curricular whenever possible (e.g., keep a food diary to span learning time in maths and healthy eating in topic). Each piece of work should take no longer than half an hour each to complete and is due in on Monday of the following week. Children are also given spellings to learn on Mondays for testing on Monday the following week.

PE Info

We do PE. On Mondays. It’s fun! We do a range of indoor and outdoor games, gymnastics and dance linked to our topic and themes.

School Trips

We have an awesome trip guaranteed to make the other years jealous – as part of our ‘Beside the Seaside’ topic, we go all the way to Weston Super-Mare! We splash in the sea, build sandcastles, eat ice creams and have donkey rides – it’s a brilliant day that gives them loads of great ideas for their writing and more than a few good memories too.